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Elysian Mansion by Majid Al Futtaim Sale

Tilal Al Ghaf


Elysian Mansion by Majid Al Futtaim at Tilal Al Ghaf, offers a new mansion with 5 to 6 bedrooms with luxuriant and inspiring mansions are designed with a luxurious feel and attractive payment. Elysian Mansions is a selective, private waterfront territory adjoining the tidal pond of Tilal Al Ghaf. That gives you a swimming pool, indoor gym, parking area, and many more facilities.

Enlivened by the Elysian Fields of Greek folklore, this trademark extravagance improvement brought about by Majid al Futtaim offers the most particular and smart homes to date. Wedding nature and structure, closeness and friendliness, class and straightforwardness, and Elysian Mansions bring out the unbelievable sensation of being home.

Features & Amenities

Shocking waterfront sees neglecting the perfect Lagoon Al Ghaf beauty in every house, with a limited handful contribution selective, direct tidal pond and oceanside access. The undulating scene of Elysian Mansions prompts a perfect, 120-meter private ocean side available just to house proprietors.

Proprietors can pick between various unmistakable home sorts for these top-notch plots, with inside, outside, and scene plans customized to your particulars. Elysian Mansion provides you private beach, indoor gym, luxury marble flooring, an elevator in each mansion, a water garden, and many more amenities.

Master Plan

Elysian Mansion is situated inside the waterfront area of Tilal Al Ghaf. Tilal Al Ghaf is a blended-use area with homes, recreation, and amusement regions inside a nature-enlivened area. Each house has shocking waterfront perspectives on the perfect Lagoon Al Ghaf, with a couple of contributions elite, direct tidal pond, and oceanside access. Elysian Mansions' undulating scene prompts an immaculate, 120-meter private ocean side open just to the mansion owner.


Elysian Mansion by Majid Al Futtaim is located at Tilal Al Ghaf and it is the most demanded location in Dubai its close by inherence to all the key region concentrates so the occupant can get to its even associate road associations.