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Emaar Sunrise Bay

Sunrise Bay Apartments by Emaar Sale

Emaar Beachfront


You might have perceived the wealthiest places in the world. People have delusion to visit that place at least once in their life. Sunrise Bay is a place where your dream can come true. This morning it is developing on a large scale. If you want to make the property's speculation, then the Sunrise bay is the best place. The prices of property in the Sunrise bay will reach the blue shortly. Thus the Sunrise Bay is one glamorous property.

Typically sunrise bay is a multi-storey building positioned in Dubai. It is specially designed near the beaches. This sited attracts the people most. It is a twin building which covers the vast area. There are almost 26-storeys in each building. Thus the total of 210 flats in the Sunrise bay. Construction of the Sunrise bay was inaugurated in February 2018.

Features & Amenities

Keep on reading you are certainly going to impress from this particular place. Firstly it provides with the two, three and four bedrooms. You can choose the exquisite for you. It has the graceful lawn. In the lawn, there are swings and a particular kid area where they can enjoy. There are also attached swimming pools, temple, gyms, walking area etc. for the people's luxury. A graceful scenario of the beach could make observance from the balcony of the flats. Both of the buildings are constructed uniquely with artistic skills. It is a reputation in itself to spend life in the Sunrise bay in Dubai. This building is designed in the way of the Passive fire protection system. This will allow people to stay safe even when the fire gets lighted by chance. Sunrise bay can tolerate all the natural calamities like the earthquake as well as the tsunami. It is tested very well before construction. There are many of the places which nearby as mentioned here. Because of all such features, people are attracted more towards the Sunrise bay. There are numerous places nearby. To visit these places people come from even foreign countries. These places are like Marine walk, Skydive Dubai, Marina beach, Dolphin bay etc. are the most famous places. If you are capable of your financial condition, you should look for sure to purchase a house over here. It is placed in a particular area which enhances with all the facilities. Sunrise bay is protected with the passive fire protection systems. People opt to choose it because it is located near the beach. Therefore always one can feel the fresh air of the sea. Both the twin building is connected with the fascinating pediment. It is designed to resist all the natural calamity to a great extend. All the entertaining places are placed nearby to Sunrise bay. This attracts the people to shift over this place. Sunrise bay is the best example of engineering as well as artistic skills. It is the first multistory building which is granted permission to reach this height in Dubai.

Master Plan

There is the multi-storey building which has 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms mostly accessible. They range from the 680 square ft for each particular bedroom. There are many of the famous places situated nearby to it. They are the Black Palace beach, Emirates Golf Club etc. When the person makes observance through standing on the sunrise bay, he/she might feel the heaven. Graceful beaches and scenario of nature are visible. Walking for 15 min in east leads you to school area from Sunrise bay. Colleges for students are located just 2 km away. Shopping supermarkets are just 10 min from Sunrise bay. Thus one can utterly get all the essential places nearby to the sunrise bay.


It is positioned in the area of the Emaar Beachfront in the Dubai Harbour, Dubai. The small beach is the most famous in Dubai city. This Sunrise bay is selected to this location for captivating the people towards it. The international airport is 25 min away from that location.

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