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Marina Vista

Marina Vista Apartments by Emaar Sale

Emaar Beachfront


Dubai is the most famous city for tourism among people of diverse countries. People opt to choose their holiday destination to this particular place. If you are also one of the persons who dream of staying over here, Marina Vista is the correct position. There are many of the people who might satisfy their needs, only visiting Dubai and its famous places. But make a glance over here. This article provides you with the accurate thing you were in search of. This individual place allows the person to feel as if they have owned it. Keep on browsing down to know more about Marina Vista.

Marina Vista is a dream place with all the luxury accessible. It was inaugurated in September 2018. Marina Vista still bottoms construction and will complete by April 2022. It is a luxurious place developed near the beach in Dubai. This is the layout of the resort house. It means Marina Vista is the most acceptable place for tenants. You can purchase it if you're competent enough. Investing in such property makes you even rich than you are. People always want something fascinating to stay over. It is more lodge for the people because any hotel in Dubai would not give such kind of the scenario.

If you are among one who wants to make the speculation in Marina Vista, then many of sales are accessible in the market. You can opt for which is most favorable. One can purchase it give and it on a rental basis which will generate your side income. Even in future, this individual area is going to elevate on a large scale. Marina Vista is the multistory building which has twin construction.

Features & Amenities

It has attached gyms of equipment, exercise areas, temple, church, swimming pools and whatnot. People can mortal over here with all the kind of luxury ever experienced. Marina Vista is one of the fastest roads exhibited on Google maps. This particular place is positioned so that people do not need to spend much of their time travelling. One of the best features is that people can stay over Marina Vista as they are mortal in their own home. Most of the flat are readily accessible with the high quality of the furniture and accessories required in the kitchen too. When you step out in the balcony, you can observe the graceful landscape that is not sited anywhere else. From that height of the Marina Vista, you will feel as if flying like a bird in the vast open blue. Marina Vista has the pre-installed fire protection walls and roofs. Even the emergency windows developed in each of the flats where one can jump and land safely. Engineers constructing the Marina vista never compromise on the security of the people. Every flat is secured with the thumbprint as well as the face password. Therefore there is no risk of the thieves inside the house. Additionally, Marina Vista's entire building is under the vision of the CCTV camera and security guards.

Master Plan

Marina Vista offers the diverse ranges of the flats. There are 2, 3 and 4 BHK flat accessible. The measurement of the flat in Marina vista is of 600 square ft in individual room. The balcony is also of almost 300 square ft. Marina Vista is enlarging and mainly developed in the area where all the accessible places are positioned nearby. If you travel for 15 minutes then can find the hospitals. Ten minutes from Marina Vista is the shopping malls. To travel to theatres are almost 25 minutes. People can reach office areas from the location easily.


Marine Vista is precisely positioned near the boundary of Emaar Beachfront, Dubai Harbour, Dubai. When you enter the city of Dubai, the building that is observed is the Marina Vista. The international airport in Dubai is almost 45 minutes away from Marina Vista.

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